Histoires de Lux


A legend says that in the 10th century, Luxembourg was founded on the rock where Siegfried of the Ardennes first saw his beautiful wife Melusine of the Alzette valley. She disappeared and was never seen again when Siegfried found out that she had a secret: while bathing her legs turned into a fish tail. Outside of the country, Luxembourg is not known for its founding myth but as a tax haven, the home of numerous companies and banks. But Luxembourg is much more than it’s historical myth and nowadays fiscal paradise. The world’s last Grand Duchy is europe’s biggest micro state and a case in point that history is a matter of perspective. Where better, then, to start re-examining the continent’s medical and socio-educational history of the 19th and 20th century? The Histoires de Lux will be told by three research teams based at the university of Luxembourg, aiming to inform a broader public about the newest developments in our fields of interest: Fabricating Modern Societies (FAMOSO), Framing Age (FRAMAG) and Standardizing the Difference (STANDDIFF).

We have created this blog to keep you posted: on publications, conferences as well as our personal research progress. Interested?

Then join us as we explore Tales from Europe about Medicine and Education.




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